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    "totalArticles": 42834,
    "articles": [
            "title": "Macron’s government faces no-confidence votes over pensions",
            "description": "French president’s decision to over-rule lawmakers on retirement age has sparked public anger",
            "content": "Emmanuel Macron’s government faces two no-confidence votes on Monday brought by opposition lawmakers seeking to stop him from passing his unpopular pensions reform by overriding parliament.\nDebate on the motions will start at about 4pm in Paris ahead... [4950 chars]",
            "url": "https://www.ft.com/content/1a13f396-5255-43f3-896c-426e37aa604e",
            "image": "https://www.ft.com/__origami/service/image/v2/images/raw/https%3A%2F%2Fd1e00ek4ebabms.cloudfront.net%2Fproduction%2Fbe232c29-abed-4e44-91da-7ab4b09adad3.jpg?source=next-opengraph&fit=scale-down&width=900",
            "publishedAt": "2023-03-20T14:57:06Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "Financial Times",
                "url": "https://www.ft.com"
            "title": "Indian state extends internet ban in hunt for Sikh separatist",
            "description": "The blackout extension came as supporters of Amritpal Singh were filmed vandalising India’s consulate in San Francisco",
            "content": "Policemen check the vehicle of a commuter along a street during a hunt for Sikh separatist, in Amritsar on March 20, 2023. - Mobile internet in India’s Punjab state remained suspended for a third day on March 20 as police hunted a radical Sikh preach... [4791 chars]",
            "url": "https://tribune.com.pk/story/2407114/indian-state-extends-internet-ban-in-hunt-for-sikh-separatist",
            "image": "https://i.tribune.com.pk/media/images/india-sikh-separatist1679320562-0/india-sikh-separatist1679320562-0.png",
            "publishedAt": "2023-03-20T14:09:35Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "The Express Tribune",
                "url": "https://tribune.com.pk"
            "title": "Japanese PM in India with an eye on trade, China",
            "description": "Modi and Kishida expected to announce initiatives on clean energy, digital trade and infrastructure as part of Indo-Pacific Economic Framework.",
            "content": "Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrived in India on Monday for talks expected to focus on deepening trade and technology ties as well as shared concerns about China.\nIndia and Japan along with the United States and Australia make up the Quad al... [1164 chars]",
            "url": "https://www.dawn.com/news/1743233/japanese-pm-in-india-with-an-eye-on-trade-china",
            "image": "https://i.dawn.com/large/2023/03/2016013948aaedd.png?r=160205",
            "publishedAt": "2023-03-20T11:12:53Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "DAWN.com",
                "url": "https://www.dawn.com"