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    "totalArticles": 110462,
    "articles": [
            "title": "Erling Haaland Man City injury timeline as Arsenal and Liverpool watch on",
            "description": "Erling Haaland missed Man City's 2-1 Premier League victory over Luton Town on Sunday",
            "content": "Something went wrong, please try again later.\nInvalid email Something went wrong, please try again later.\nFollow the latest transfer news and more with our LFC newsletter\nSomething went wrong, please try again later.\nFollow the latest transfer news a... [3434 chars]",
            "url": "https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/erling-haaland-man-city-injury-28264997",
            "image": "https://i2-prod.liverpoolecho.co.uk/incoming/article28265017.ece/ALTERNATES/s1200/2_GettyImages-1829283186.jpg",
            "publishedAt": "2023-12-11T07:00:00Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "Liverpool Echo",
                "url": "https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk"
            "title": "Storms Elin and Fergus batter UK as Met Office issues four days of heavy rain warnings",
            "description": "Storm Fergus is set to bring 40mm of rain on Sunday after wind speeds of up to 81mph were felt as Storm Elin swept across the UK on Saturday",
            "content": "For free real time breaking news alerts sent straight to your inbox sign up to our breaking news emails Sign up to our free breaking news emails Please enter a valid email address Please enter a valid email address SIGN UP I would like to be emailed ... [3450 chars]",
            "url": "https://www.independent.co.uk/weather/storm-fergus-weather-warning-elin-met-office-b2461809.html",
            "image": "https://static.independent.co.uk/2023/12/10/16/WEATHER%20Wind%20%2012554328B.jpg?quality=75&width=1200&auto=webp",
            "publishedAt": "2023-12-11T06:57:09Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "The Independent",
                "url": "https://www.independent.co.uk"
            "title": "Chelsea news: Four stars under threat in January as Mauricio Pochettino calls for upgrades",
            "description": "Mauricio Pochettino gave the Chelsea board a reality check after Sunday's defeat to Everton.",
            "content": "Pochettino reviews Chelsea's defeat at Everton\nMauricio Pochettino put his Chelsea players on high alert following their dreary 2-0 defeat to Everton by stating that the club 'needs to improve in the next transfer window'. With January just around th... [2205 chars]",
            "url": "https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1844071/chelsea-news-mauricio-pochettino-everton",
            "image": "https://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/67/1200x712/5108487.jpg",
            "publishedAt": "2023-12-11T06:30:00Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "Express",
                "url": "https://www.express.co.uk"