News API:
An alternative to the Google News API

GNews API is a simple news REST API with which you can search news articles and get results in JSON. It is also possible to get the top news headlines based on Google ranking.

Demonstration of the API results:
    "totalArticles": 0,
    "articles": []
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Fast & accurate

Articles are cached and organized for quick and accurate response.


Easy to understand and integrate into your applications.

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Worldwide Scale

Search the database of millions of news articles in 22 languages and 30 countries. Each source has a language and a country, the country is based on where the news publisher is located which allows to return the right articles when searching.

  • 22 languages
  • 30 countries
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Easy Integration

Get API results in JSON format via HTTP GET requests in any programming language and easily integrate them into your applications. To use the API it's as simple as this: you make a request, get the results, parse the JSON and the data is ready to be used.

News Articles Data

In the results, each article has a title, a description, the full content, the url of the article, the url of the main image, the date of publication and information about the source such as the name and url of the source's homepage. These data are extracted with advanced techniques in order to guarantee their quality. This data is our number 1 concern and we do everything possible to always have it accurate.

Response Performance

The response time of the API is one of our primary concerns and we are constantly paying attention to it. The average response time is between 200 and 300 milliseconds. If we could further reduce this response time we would have already done so.

Live News Articles

The API is constantly searching for news articles as soon as a new article is detected it is immediately added to the database.

Historic Data

The articles are kept indefinitely, which makes it possible to search for articles published in 2020 for example.

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Advanced Request Options

Design complex queries in a logical way using search operators. Specify the context of your query with 10 easy-to-use optional parameters.

Search Operators

Perform advanced searches using search operators such as AND, OR and NOT to combine, separate and exclude keywords.

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Benefits for customers

Retrieve full article content and page results with parameters available for all subscribers (see pricing).


Free for non-commercial projects, options if you're commercial

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  • For non-commercial projects or for development and testing purposes only
  • 100 requests per day
  • Up to 10 articles returned per request
  • Maximum of 1 request per second
  • Email support
  • Full article content and pagination
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  • For production and published commercial projects
  • 1000 requests per day
  • Up to 25 articles returned per request
  • Maximum of 2 requests per second
  • Email support
  • Full article content and pagination
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  • For larger commercial projects that require more resources
  • 5000 requests per day
  • Up to 50 articles returned per request
  • Maximum of 4 requests per second
  • Email support
  • Full article content and pagination
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  • For enterprise projects that require exceptional resources
  • 25000 requests per day
  • Up to 100 articles returned per request
  • Maximum of 6 requests per second
  • Email support
  • Full article content and pagination
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