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    "totalArticles": 170537,
    "articles": [
            "title": "'There must have been more than one person on that balcony': Respected FBI expert uses groundbreaking 3D technology on Channel 4 documentary about Pete Doherty house party in bid to prove Cambridge gr",
            "description": "Almost 17 years after her son's death, Shelia Blanco remains convinced that her son was pushed off that balcony - with experts such as FBI instructor Fredericks suggesting he was 'thrown' off.",
            "content": "A respected FBI agent last night dramatically claimed that the Cambridge graduate who suspiciously died at Pete Doherty's house party was 'murdered' and that he must have been thrown from the first floor balcony.\nIn Channel 4 's bombshell new documen... [6012 chars]",
            "url": "https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12559805/There-one-person-balcony-FBI-expert-uses-groundbreaking-technology-Channel-4-documentary-suspicious-death-Pete-Doherty-house-party-bid-prove-Cambridge-graduate-murdered.html",
            "image": "https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2023/09/26/01/75831581-0-image-a-55_1695688203838.jpg",
            "publishedAt": "2023-09-26T00:40:52Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "Daily Mail",
                "url": "https://www.dailymail.co.uk"
            "title": "David McCallum of The Man from UNCLE and NCIS fame dies aged 90",
            "description": "The Scottish-born actor was most famous for his stint in the 60s spy TV series, and most recently for his work on NCIS",
            "content": "Actor David McCallum, who became a teen heartthrob in the hit series The Man from UNCLE in the 1960s and was the eccentric medical examiner in the popular television show NCIS 40 years later, has died. He was 90.\nMcCallum died on Monday of natural ca... [2946 chars]",
            "url": "https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2023/sep/25/david-mccallum-man-from-uncle-ncis-dies-age-90",
            "image": "https://i.guim.co.uk/img/media/9473ca949f7715ca4ef9e2248b8e26fe590fdb96/0_12_3000_1801/master/3000.jpg?width=1200&height=630&quality=85&auto=format&fit=crop&overlay-align=bottom%2Cleft&overlay-width=100p&overlay-base64=L2ltZy9zdGF0aWMvb3ZlcmxheXMvdGctZGVmYXVsdC5wbmc&enable=upscale&s=2c6135b7468877b4fe6e8f290da9fa8a",
            "publishedAt": "2023-09-25T23:10:00Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "The Guardian",
                "url": "https://www.theguardian.com"
            "title": "Michael Palin shares Monty Python co-stars' heartfelt gesture following death of wife: 'Really appreciated'",
            "description": "Michael Palin's wife Helen Gibbins died in May this year",
            "content": "Michael Palin and his wife Helen had been married for 57 years before she died of kidney failure in May 2023.\nThe Monty Python said at the time of his loss that it was \"indescribable for myself, our three children and four grandchildren\".\nFour months... [1627 chars]",
            "url": "https://www.gbnews.com/celebrity/michael-palin-wife-death-helen-gibbins-monty-python",
            "image": "https://www.gbnews.com/media-library/michael-palin-and-his-wife.jpg?id=45058803&width=1200&height=600&coordinates=0%2C84%2C0%2C1421",
            "publishedAt": "2023-09-25T23:06:39Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "GB News",
                "url": "https://www.gbnews.com"