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This example demonstrates the HTTP request to make and the JSON response you will receive when you use the news api to get the top headlines from Australia.

    "totalArticles": 93907,
    "articles": [
            "title": "Urban Utilities workers underpaid by $21.3 million over seven years following payroll error",
            "description": "Urban Utilities confirms it 'incorrectly' and 'unintentionally' underpaid 1,525 of its former and current workers over seven years.",
            "content": "One of Australia's largest water distributors has confirmed it underpaid workers by $21.3 million over seven years.\nUrban Utilities supplies drinking and recycled water and sewerage services to more than 1.6 million people in south-east Queensland.\nU... [1500 chars]",
            "url": "https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-09-26/urban-utilities-workers-underpaid-21-million-qld/102900708",
            "image": "https://live-production.wcms.abc-cdn.net.au/be5254ef73c94221c5f86a7a15ea6846?impolicy=wcms_crop_resize&cropH=1245&cropW=2213&xPos=764&yPos=0&width=862&height=485",
            "publishedAt": "2023-09-26T01:08:23Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "ABC News",
                "url": "https://www.abc.net.au"
            "title": "American tourist, Josiah Hein, shocked by one thing Australians do at airports",
            "description": "The American tourist was so shocked by what he saw that he shared his live reaction from the airport.",
            "content": "An American tourist arriving at an Australian airport has shared his shock over the unusual way we act after getting off a plane.\nIn a video posted to TikTok, Josiah Hein speaks to the camera while waiting at the baggage carousel with a look of disbe... [2378 chars]",
            "url": "https://www.perthnow.com.au/travel/american-tourist-shocked-by-one-thing-australians-do-at-airports-c-12017027",
            "image": "https://images.perthnow.com.au/publication/C-12017027/544283500d86bbb0bb2e60678f6addfb79beb824-16x9-x0y96w1024h576.jpg?imwidth=1200",
            "publishedAt": "2023-09-25T23:55:00Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "PerthNow",
                "url": "https://www.perthnow.com.au"
            "title": "Building fire causes commuter chaos in Canterbury in Sydney",
            "description": "Motorists are being warned of lengthy delays.",
            "content": "A building fire in Sydney’s south west caused traffic to bank up on Tuesday morning as firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze.\nThe fire broke out at a building on Canterbury Rd in Canterbury about 2.30am on Tuesday.\nMore than 70 firefighters and... [972 chars]",
            "url": "https://7news.com.au/news/nsw/building-fire-causes-commuter-chaos-in-canterbury-in-sydney-c-12016453",
            "image": "https://images.7news.com.au/publication/C-12016453/9d0b0e0d1b2fc3fb931c69a31d4ba51168e4604c-16x9-x0y0w1920h1080.jpg?imwidth=1200",
            "publishedAt": "2023-09-25T22:29:00Z",
            "source": {
                "name": "7NEWS",
                "url": "https://7news.com.au"