GNews API can not be used in commercial projects with a free subscription. The free subscription plan is made for non-commercial projects or for development and testing purposes.

When you have reached the daily request limit you cannot retrieve any more data and the API returns an error message (Error 403). Note that the request counter is reset to zero every day at 00:00 UTC.

If you need a custom plan, please contact us by email: contact@gnews.io or by using our contact form on our main page. Please note that no custom plan can be free and it is only possible to request higher features than the Essential plan.

When you change your subscription plan, your invoice is calculated so that you pay based on how many days you used the old subscription this month and how many days you have left with the new subscription. This means that you don't pay any additional fees, only what you use.

When a payment error occurs, Stripe will automatically try to make the payment 4 times over the next two weeks. If all attempts fail, your subscription will be canceled and downgraded. You will automatically receive reminder emails during the two weeks.

Your subscription can be canceled at any time at no additional cost in the "User Profile" section of the dashboard, simply check the "Cancel subscription at end of the period" box and click on the "Update Profile" button.