The Unofficial Google News API give you a way to find Google News articles from key words. Additionally, you can get the top articles and get articles from topic like sports, health, business and more.

Our API allows you to receive up to 100 articles per request (max item number depends on your plan). Each article contains a title, a description, the article link, the website, the source, the date and the article image.

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This endpoint allows you to search google news from keywords.

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Top News

This endpoint allows you to get the top google news.

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This endpoint allows you to get google news from a topic, like business, health, sports, etc.. Full list in the topic documentation.

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To be authenticate by the API you must give your API token. You can find your token in this page Dashboard. The API token is passed as GET parameter in the url. For example


Property Description
timestamp The end timestamp of the query execution
articles[i].title Article title
articles[i].description Short description of the article
articles[i].url Article url
articles[i].image Article image (may sometimes missing because the website doesn't give the permission on their images)
articles[i].publishedAt Article published date
articles[i].source Informations about the source of the article
articles[i] Name of the media or the source
articles[i].source.url Url of the source